Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

With a number of brands people are recommending each year, is your brand one of them? Word-of-mouth marketing continues to prove to be one of the most persuasive and trust worthy forms of marketing, which is why it is important to keep consumers talking about your brand. Who doesn’t love hearing about a great product or service from a trustworthy source?As most brands work on improving their acquisition process using different marketing techniques, there is so much to gain from a great word-of-mouth recommendation. From our team, here is a list of some tips showing how New Media Marketing can increase your companies word-of-mouth.

  • Target Audience:

It is important for brands to look past the stereotypical personas we tend to rely on, instead focus on collecting individuals. For success, brands need to realize that communities are built of individuals and focus on targeting the right audiences.

  • Long-Term Relationships:

Rather than pushing for immediate action from consumers, brands should focus on earning a consumer’s trust and friendship. This will help to build a brand loyal customer base. Top brands have created their customer base by building experiences that can be passed on to consumer’s networks. Social media platforms make it easier for brands and consumers to interact directly and share opinions.

  • Expand your content:

It’s not just about putting out content. You want to get your content to reach a larger consumer base. Instead of trying to appeal to a broader audience, focus on your more defined customer base. These people will be the ones spreading word-of-mouth inspired by your content.

These three tips are guaranteed to improve word-of-mouth marketing. With our expertise at New Media Marketing, we can help your brand grow and develop strong marketing strategies!

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