Sunscreen in Everything!

SUN BATHE Sun Soap: A New, Hassle-Free Form of Sunscreen Application!

Why combine sunscreen with soap? Nowadays, sun protection elements are used in everything, from Chap-Stick to hand lotion to hair products. Sun Soap will allow you to have a fun and quality summer experience, all while being impervious to the sun!

With summer quickly approaching, New Media Marketing partnered with a dear friend of ours, Baby Bubba, to promote Sun Soap, a new and inventive product. SUN BATHE Sun Soap will surely be a crucial investment this summer, combining a refreshing scent with SPF 20 sun protection. Moreover, Sun Soap is a 2-in-1 soap and sunscreen. By simply applying this product to the skin, you’ll become resistant to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays for eight whole hours.

Taking the hassle out of sunscreen application, Sun Soap guarantees no greasy residue when applied. All you have to do is wash and go!

Check out our website,, to find out how SUN BATHE Sun Soap ensures quality sun resistance!

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