Storytelling With a Purpose


This time of year brings the chance to refresh one’s perspectives on life with a new season. From emphasizing people’s caring and helping nature, it always seems to bring out the best in people. In order for businesses to thrive, they need to connect with this piece of human nature. New Media Marketing strives to work with these companies that work with a purpose.

In today’s business world, providing a great product and shopping experience will only get you so far. The driving force behind business has evolved to include contributions to causes that inspire them. To retain customers, a company needs to show them their money will be doing some good for the world around them. Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily further explains that, many companies recognize the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious, and will often advertise charitable initiatives. However, businesses that incorporate social responsibility in their business model prove that a dedication to these initiatives goes a long way, both for the cause and their reputation.

This brings forth a new era of a purpose-driven business world. Successful companies will find new solutions that relate to our human concerns and considerations. Purpose is an inspirational driver for engaging employees and communities. Higher-purpose organizations don’t need to sacrifice performance; they enhance it. Not only do these companies increase positive brand recognition, they also generate value within the market. By recognizing that people’s internal motivations have changed, businesses can connect with customers on a deeper level, which can make the brand-consumer bond more powerful.

There is a definite link between this corporate social responsibility and financial and operational performance. In fact, 86% of institutional investors believe that CSR has a positive effect on long-term business value. And many investors consider conscientious companies to be more secure investments because their commitment to enduring business practices will help sustain our world.

As they always have and always will, people seek brands that will help them survive, help them succeed and help them take care of their own. They want brands that will help them be loved and admired and that will, in some way, enrich or improve their lives. If its done right, the people that are engaged will connect with each other to help build a whole community of brand fans and activists.

Brands need authentic and compelling stories that are told consistently across all points of engagement.  Content marketing needs to be rooted in brand storytelling — the most authentic way to create and sustain longer lasting engagement with customers. Jim Yu of the Huffington Post describes creative storytelling as a way for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating branded content that appeals to human nature. He further explains that, “The massive growth in social media and content marketing testify to the fact that consumers are searching for brand communications that are “more genuine” and human – storytelling is a means to that end.”

Through storytelling, businesses can educate their audience and further their causes. It can drive people to think, relate and to act. Storytelling is a basic part of the human experience and brands that can recreate this kind of communication in their marketing will evoke strong emotions among their audiences and develop personal connections with their consumers. In this way, organizations can relay their story to encourage the main purpose driving them.

New Media Marketing believes that purpose-driven companies make an important and positive impact on society. Our focus is drawn to these companies to help businesses to “tell their story” and develop into socially responsible ones that connect with its customers on a more human level.

With this belief, we’ve been more than enthusiastic to work with such incredible giveback companies. One such company, LI Cares, is one of the region’s most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations, serving thousands of individuals and families in need. We’re currently helping them to promote their efforts with a website, social media presence and emails. Women and Men Against Prostate Cancer is another such company with whom we’ve been blessed to work to tell their story to the world. Working alongside powerful companies like these, opens our eyes to the greater changes we all believe are necessary in this world.



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