Online Activity Heats Up For Econoburn, Following Launch Of New Website With The Help Of New Media Marketing

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Econoburn is fired up about business prospects for 2016… and why not? They began the year by announcing that they’ve introduced a newly designed, emissions-lowering line of wood-fueled boilers— and it’s already taking the alternative-energy market by storm. To coincide with Econoburn’s product line reveal, they turned to their long-time marketing partner… New Media Marketing… to design and build a slick, new website— geared to promote not only the quality of their new boiler line, but to underscore the consumer benefits of economy and sustainable energy.

The introduction of these advanced units actually began months ago in preparation for the EPA’s industry edict to dramatically reduce airborne particulates and gaseous emissions from wood-fueled heating units. That federally mandated restriction took effect January 1, 2016, essentially prohibiting the distribution and sale of wood-burning boilers that were designed and built with emissions technology that currently falls short of EPA standards. Econoburn was primed and ready, having re-engineered and re-manufactured its most popular units to meet the demand for “new and improved” wood-fueled, closed-loop boilers. “Our customers were made aware of the EPA’s emissions guidelines early last year,” explained Mark O’Dell, Econoburn VP of Sales and Marketing. “They’ve been eagerly anticipating our new line upgrades for awhile, and, so far, the response has been extremely positive.” O’Dell also pointed to an aggressive, well-rounded marketing effort as instrumental in getting the word out. “Our recently launched website effectively highlights why our products continue to be the best-built, low-emissions boilers in North America. The site has drawn a lot interest… and the increased activity has produced a noticeable boost in sales leads.”

Econoburn’s new website is chocked full of informative content, cool graphic touches, and wonderful interactive elements that help to educate and emphasize the importance of this alternative-energy technology. An example is a “must-see” animated video that entertains as it explains the proprietary working properties of Econoburn’s closed-loop, hydronic-based, gasification technology. New Media account exec Barbara Jordan, who was strategically involved from day one in the development and creation of the Website said it best. “The site successfully breaks down the complex engineering aspects of these innovative boilers into words and pictures that customers can understand and appreciate. The technology is what makes Econoburn boilers so unique. If buyers can readily grasp the technical advantages, the product basically sells itself.” Now that’s great marketing.

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