Taking out Some Pretty Pesky Poltergeists at Preschool

On Friday June 19, 2015, the Noah’s Ark Nursery school was visited by two very special guests. Who you gonna call? The New Ghostbusters of Long Island. Dressed in tan jumpsuits marked with authentic no-ghost patches, proton packs and neutrino wands, New Media Creative Director, Sean Gordon, 28, and his fiancé Valerie Polite, 26, entertained Diane Young’s preschool class of eight.

“We here at the New Ghostbusters of Long Island are looking for anyway to give back to the community, even something as little as spending the day busting ghosts with kids,” Gordon said.

Since the young age of 6, Gordon has had a passion for everything Ghostbusters. After years of collecting memorabilia and recently inheriting a proton pack, he decided to create his very own ghostbusters charity franchise, bringing Polite along for the ride.

The children, eager to help bust some ghosts, assisted the ghostbuster duo with their tools made of building blocks and Lincoln Logs and successfully cleared the room of any and all ghosts. For all their hard work, the children were dubbed honorary rookie ghostbusters and were awarded with their very own name badges and no-ghost patches. Look out ghosts, there are some new ghostbusters in town!

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